Vegetable Seeds
On the Sunday 5th. February four of our regular helpers attended this annual event in the Hove Town Hall.
Seedy Sunday is  the largest seed swapping fair in the country; and this year the event was bigger than ever.  As well as stalls swapping and selling seeds there were a variety of crafts and community organisations showcased.  Barcombe Nurseries set up a stall outside the Town Hall with a wide variety of local and organic produce for sale.


Despite the snowy conditions there was a massive turnout of people showing an interest in the event.  The website has been humming with enquiries from people interested in what we do since visiting our stall at Seedy Sunday.  Some are expressing a willingness to roll their sleeves up and join us on our work parties in the wood on Sunday mornings, which is very welcome news.


Given the sort of people who are likely to attend such an event we did a brisk trade in all things related to the garden.  In particular we sold over 500 plant labels, and two of our volunteers were working flat out all day to keep up with the demand.  Bird feeders and garden mini-hurdles also sold very well.  We sold out of Bread Birdfeeders and Knitted Creatures, the latter are always a favourite with the children.


Those who attended considered the effort well worth it, and thought they had a better deal than those of us left behind cutting coppice in the snow.  I’m sure they were warmer!
If you would like more information about Seedy Sunday visit their website at  For pictures of the event go to