If you have been visiting our website for some years you will know that we have a longstanding affiliation agreement with the online shopping giant Amazon. The way this works is we get up to 10% of the price of any item you purchase IF you enter the Amazon website through the links in our website. You can do this by clicking on the graphic above, or by going to our Shop tag and then using the Amazon graphics on that page.

There is no additional cost to you for using this service, but it does have a significant impact on our revenue, and thereby enables us to keep our costs to a minimum. As an organisation we try to avoid taking grants, and to be fully self-sufficient. This is an easy way for our members, friends and the wider public to support us. Please access Amazon through Tottington Woodlanders to do your bit for charity.

Many of our followers have our website as their Internet homepage. If you do this it will make it even easier to access Amazon and do all your online shopping.