As we wave goodbye to 2012 it gives us a chance to both look back and forward.  Like everyone this year, the Woodlanders have been hit by the wettest drought on record with the wet weather causing a show to be cancelled.  However, all the rain meant that the wood remained lush and green throughout the year.

The regular band of volunteers, along with some new faces (which is good to see) has made good progress already in the current coppicing season and the area coppiced last season is doing well.

Within  the 13 acres that make up the Local Nature Reserve which is Tottington Wood, there is a lot of ash trees .  So it is with baited breath we await the spring to see if the ash dieback reaches our little patch.  There is very little we can do but keep looking all the time, and you never know, should we lose some ash trees, the hazel might grow even better and no doubt some oaks will spring up.

Over the holiday period why not walk off the Christmas calories by taking a stroll in the wood, especially on a cold and frosty day?  With most of trees now bare, it is so much easier to see the birds going through the trees.

Come New Year and you are keen to try something new, why not get involved with the Woodlanders and try your hand at some traditional crafts like coppicing?

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our supporters also a huge thanks to the volunteers who have put in all the hard work in the last twelve months.  Without all their endeavours we would not be able to carry out all the work or provide the funds to support the group.

Happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

Chris Burchell Collins